January 17, 2012

Beauty Review - OPI DS Extravagance

So this last year I really started to be interested in nail polish - I got bored of sticking to 'safe' neutral colors, and decided to branch out a bit. When I do not have military drill weekends, I can keep my polish any color I would like. I do work in a professional environment however, so I do need to keep it a little under control (i.e. no neon green or Lady GaGa press ons). Many times I have tried a new polish only to really dislike the color or the actual product itself. Via Pinterest, I have stumbled upon a few really great nail polish blogs. Not only do they have awesome tutorials, but great reviews of different polish colors and combinations.

Via Nailslide
Based on the recommendations I found on Nailslide, I decided to give OPI Designer Series - Extravagance, a shot, and I absolutely LOVE it!! I have to admit, I attempted to take pictures, but was unable to catch the color the same as Jane did in her swatches - she is after all a professional at this. [You can see my lame pic on my Instagram feed]. The color is amazing, its a deep rich, berry color - with hints of sparkle. It is a Holo polish, so there is not big chunks of glitter etc, and it goes on like a dream. In the right light you can see the flecks of gold, so it is still very conservative, office appropriate, yet fun!

The next polish I can't wait to try (which just arrived in the mail) is Giltter Gal Holo - Suede. I ordered it based on a review from Rebecca @ Rebecca Likes Nails. Rebecca happens to be hosting an AWESOME giveaway - so hop on over there and enter for your chance to win a great prize!


  1. How cool! I just went sparkly on my toes last week. I want to do Shillac (sp?) on my hands because, well, I weight train and it's not nice on hands in general. Love your blog. Where have you been my whole life? :)

  2. Hey there! I lift 16oz of Mocha each morning, many reps, and so far the polish has held up! Ha! I hear the gel ones are really great! I love your blog too, I now feel validated that taking pictures of my kids crazy lego stuff is 'normal'!